In my 22 years of experience in Human Resources, Coaching and Recruiting, I have served my clients as a partner, trusted advisor and cheerleader. 

My Life Coaching business, Path Defined, focuses on the areas of Executive, Career and Personal Life Transitions.  

Some of my most interesting work is in helping people manage and overcome the challenges of Life’s Transitions. Drawing from my personal and professional experiences, I address a broad scope of issues ranging from dealing with loss to starting a new career.

On a Corporate level, I assist my clients in improving employee retention, advise on career transitions and relocations, and help define pathways to rewarding and successful careers.

At Philip Madison, an Executive Search firm specializing in Cyber Security globally, I spearhead executive level searches on an exclusive and retained basis. At Philip Madison we advise and place talent in various Cyber Security functions. Our clients are the pioneers of Information Security Solutions and the Fortune 1000 that implement them.

My Radio Show has featured talented authors and corporate leaders around the world. We discuss how each and every one has managed changes and transitions, and have successfully moved forward.

My upcoming book, ‘Hope and Happiness’ will be released next year.

My Community involvement includes working with The Boston Minstrels Group, comprised of singers and musicians who volunteer their time to the homeless. I also serve on the advisory committee of Community Gems, a Boston based organization that collaborates year round to raise money and creative initiatives that meet the diverse needs of the youth and families of the greater Boston area.

My Life

I’ve always had a passion, even as a young adult, for helping people look at the brighter side of life, and to know that there is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I am of the belief that we all must empower one another, and treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

I have a very positive attitude. I grew up with a passion to be a dancer, which fulfilled the creative and artful side of myself, and have always been a person who looks on the brighter side of any situation. I was married for 24 happy and fulfilling years, and have two wonderful and musically talented sons. I lost my husband, a caring, talented, loving partner, father and science professor, in my early 50’s. The positive impact he left on our lives has been irreplaceable. 

My personal life experiences have given me great insight into how life can throw many challenges at us, and that no matter what, how we manage and deal with those challenges will affect the quality and happiness of our lives forever. I was a baby of 11 children, born and reared in the country, on a farm. I learned so much about team effort, respect and work ethic in doing my portion of chores, learning the value of being part of a loving family, and being fortunate enough to have been able to wake up every morning and see the beautiful sun shine, roosters crow, and birds sing.

I lost most of my family, parents and husband while in my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and I find that I can look back with a few tears, a happy heart, and a positive attitude that I had the privilege of such a wonderful learning and growing experience. I now know that you can be happy in life no matter what the journey brings – use it to move forward, learn from it, and give yourself permission to be at peace with it. As they say, ‘Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal’. So I bring to you what I have learned, and that is ‘Hope’ and ‘Happiness’.


I have had the pleasure of working with Liz in many different capacities over the years. She has been a candidate, a client, a business partner, a personal coach, but lastly and most importantly, a friend. She has a passion for life and work, and is one of those rare people who has truly found that perfect union with her creation of Path Defined. It is there that she combines her intuitive people skills and hard work ethic to empower her clientele to find that same life balance.
Liz is one of the most well rounded individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing and her accomplishments in human resources and recruiting coupled with her nurturing nature set the foundation for her to be a wonderful and effective coach. In working with Liz, you will find a trustworthy and caring coach who can uncover the most important details and help you and your team re-focus on the right path. I have seen her do this many times over the years. To put it simply, Liz is the all around best person I have worked with and my business would not be the same without her.