I think that you are remarkably talented as a facilitator, host, whatever term fits. You have a calming affect on your audience. I immediately liked, respected and wanted to work with you as a coach (unfortunately, I can’t). I believe that you are going to be a huge success. Yeah!! You should feel so good!

Karen Honig, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Boston Healthy Living

I was a listener today. You were fabulous and Jay was too. I actually sobbed through part of it listening to the Dad stories etc. I was able to really identify a lot of my emotions through this multi-faceted loss I am dealing with. The physical manifestations of stress were very interesting as well. Great show.


(The above testimonials were in regards to the following show:)

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It is with great pleasure and pride that I write a testimonial for Liz and Path Defined. To put it simply, Liz is the all around best person I have worked with and my business would not be the same without her.

She is one of the most well rounded individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing and her accomplishments in human resources and recruiting coupled with her nurturing nature set the foundation for her to be a wonderful and effective coach. In working with Liz, you will find a trustworthy and caring coach who can uncover the most important details and help you and your team re-focus on the right path. I have seen her do this many times over the years.

From her incredible personal story and triumphs to the admirable reputation she has built through her career, Liz is a top notch person and professional. I am always proud to make introductions to Liz and I will always be looking for ways for us to continue to work together.

Elizabeth Sheridan, President, Philip Madison Associates, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Liz in many different capacities over the years. She has been a candidate, a client, a business partner, a personal coach, but lastly and most importantly, a friend. She has a passion for life and work,  and is one of those rare people who has truly found that perfect union with her creation of Path Defined INC. It is there that she combines her intuitive people skills and hard work ethic to empower her clientele to find that same life balance.

Patty Smith, Partner, Smith Harvey Associates, Cohasset, MA