Summertime Dating, Summertime Fun

Summertime, and the living is easy…”

Ah, George Gershwin had it right. Even if you work just as hard in the summer as you do the rest of the year, there’s something about summer that conjures up pleasant thoughts of cold drinks, warm breezes, and … summer romances. How do you position yourself for some fun and companionship for the season and beyond?

Online dating may be taking the dating world by storm as a way to meet people with similar interests, but in the summer, turn off the computer and hit the beach, hit the art shows, hit the festivals, hit the concerts. No matter where you live, there are probably local events that appeal to you. If you go to things you enjoy, not just as a ploy to cruise for a date, you might meet someone who shares you interest. It might start when you strike up a conversation about a nice piece of pottery you’d like for your bedroom that was made with an interesting technique. You may end up with up with a vase, friend, or a date – or all three.

One school of thought says to go to events by yourself, on the premise that you might stand out if you ask for a table for one or aren’t surrounded by others when you strike up the conversation about the pot. If you like company though, try joining a club, like a wine tasting club or a travel club that might offer fun and companionship even if no one in the group appeals to you as a love interest. Who knows? Your club might get together with another club with a member who is your Mr. Right (or your Mr. I‘d Like to Get To Know You Better.) In the meantime, you’ll still meet some new friends.

There are many summertime activities that cry out for your participation. Summertime is traditionally the time for outdoor sports teams for softball, Frisbees tossing, and tennis at local parks. If you’re interested in playing or want to learn, check out the coed team options. If you like to watch, check out the men’s games. Like the water? You can lay out at the beach, swim, or paint there for your watercolor class. Local parks have hikes and nature walks, while your city and maybe even your local cemetery might offer walking tours that can be a fun way to spend a few hours and put you in touch with other people. Even though are you doing these things because you are interested, be open to conversations.

In the midst of summer fun, you may meet someone you like. Maybe because you are not evaluating the situation for long term potential, you enjoy your mutual interests and have fun. Will the fun survive the summer? Some summer romances have a whispy, illusive quality about them, just like in the movies. This can be true if you meet someone when you go on vacation or when you meet someone in town just for a few months.

Just like any other encounter, you need to be honest with yourself and the other person. Some summer romances have a shelf life from the start. There is no long term potential because one or both of you want it that way or because of geography, age, or different interests or lifestyles. Other relationships just run their course, like those started anytime. Dating is exploration; not all exploration leds to the big find. More to the point, you can enjoy a fun summer, enriched by the company of another person, and that may be more than enough.


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