Change Your Life

Well, a new year is upon us, and we will want to look at what goals we would like to achieve in the coming year. We should be looking at our goals from a business perspective and a personal perspective. How do you want to change your life? It could be a new job or career change, relocation, becoming an empty nester, a new relationship, a new baby, a new pet, and on a personal level it could mean planning a relaxing getaway, time with the family, spouse, or other loved ones, or time alone, no cell phones, text messages, computers….. (ahh what a lovely thought).

What do you want out of life? Looking forward and planning for the future can and should be an exciting and positive experience. A time to set up roadmaps, action plans, and to eliminate obstacles that inhibit the process. Start by clarifying what you want, map it out by devising an action plan, and carry out the realization of this plan and goal.

You and only you, have the power to make your goal a reality. Create a support team to help you through this process. Consider a coach to help you stay focused. When you take control of what you want, it is much easier to translate it, and bring it into reality. Research has shown that people who believe in themselves are much more likely to make their dreams come true.

Here are a few helpful suggestions I picked up from BNET.

Truisms that can change your life:

  • Become part of the solution, not part of the problem
  • Hold yourself accountable for all results
  • It is impossible to know where you are going, if you don’t know where you’ve been
  • Don’t guess, find the experts
  • If you don’t know what you are talking about, stop talking
  • Success is based on current behavior, not past performance
  • If you are miserable, get and do something else- If you are still miserable, it’s you
  • An issue solved is an issue resolved

Happy New Year Everyone and Happy Planning

Liz Vagenas
Life Coach
Path Defined, Inc.

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