Coping With Loss: Join me on Blog Talk Radio

2592 days ago | Coping with Loss, Join Liz | Liz

This Wednesday, January 19, I will be having my first call-in show on Blog Talk Radio. The show is FREE to participate in and I hope you can all make it.

Our show will focus on Coping With Loss ...loss of a loved one through death, loss of a relationship through separation or divorce, loss of a job, loss of a home, or loss of a pet.

blog talk radioHelping us understand the feelings associated with loss of all kinds will be our guest, Jay Uhler. Mr. Uhler is a Psychologist and author of How To Make Friends With Your Feelings. Jay will speak about his book and how to learn to release our pain in order to move forward.

Join me Wednesday at Noon EST. For more information visit Path Defined on Blog Talk Radio.

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